At Glen Burnie Dental Group, we offer both popular forms of whitening: take home whitening and ZOOM professional in-chair whitening. Both options are available, all you have to do is discuss with the Dentist which you would prefer!
For an ultimate smile makeover go for a combination of ZOOM Whitening System followed by our Professionally tailored Home Whitening Kit – best results guaranteed!
Home Whitening
If you want to carry out your whitening in the comfort of your own home or have very sensitive teeth then this might be the best option for you!

We will give you everything you need to carry out your own whitening, including full instructions, the home whitening products and your own made-to-measure whitening tray.

Once you have had your special mouth trays made, you can even come back for top up treatment!
Professional Power Whitening
ZOOM is Professional Chair Side Teeth Whitening System that is carried out by our fully qualified Dentists and our staff.

It involves the latest in LED technology which is taking the dental sphere by storm. The process and number of whitening cycles are adjusted to help you achieve the best results! We offer different levels of lightening, so whether you’re looking to achieve one or two shades lighter or a visibly whiter look, we can tailor your appointment to suit you.

The dentist will first assess the current color of your teeth and our modern intra oral cameras can be used to show you the primary shade on our patient screens. The treatment will then involve application of whitening product to your teeth, followed by use of the whitening system. Once the required number of cycles have been completed, the dentist will then review your final color, post-treatment, to show you the change in shade achieved.

All aftercare advice will be provided!

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