Snap-On Dentures

Also called over-dentures, Snap-on Dentures are more stable and reliable as they remain firm and in place over time. These dentures are anchored to the metal posts in the jawbone. Because this type of solution is implanted, it provides strength and stability.

What makes Snap-on Dentures different?

Some people struggle with the traditional ill-fitted dentures, feeling all the discomfort or irritations.

A patient who needs Snap-on Dentures usually undergoes two different surgeries. The first one is a dental surgery where an oral surgeon inserts implants into the jawbone under your gums. In the second one, the surgeon attaches a locator to expose the tops of the implants.

Just like the traditional dentures, a Snap-on Denture is removable, too. You can snap it on and off whenever necessary. Since these dentures usually require two surgeries, the price can be a little higher compared to the regular ones.

Why at Glen Burnie Dental Group?

A regular dental checkup is still required for dentures. Our licensed professionals are dedicated to performing safe procedures to our patients.

With Snap-on Dentures, we hope to restore the beauty of your smile and restore your confidence.

Generally speaking, there may be other treatments available to fix your teeth, it pays to take care of your oral health and visit your dentist regularly. So, if you feel pain or something unusual in your oral health despite the consistent brushing and flossing, don’t ever take it for granted.

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