Dental Crown

Another way to save a tooth is through a dental crown. Cavities are known to undermine teeth. As a result, a dental crown may be necessary to restore the shape, size, and strength of that original tooth. Shortly speaking, it’s to restore the strength and beauty of your natural tooth.

If part of your tooth gets chipped or broken, a crown is fitted onto the tooth to serve as a permanent cover and prevent future damages. Sometimes called caps, a crown is a restorative treatment option or a fixed prosthetic restoration.
A crown protects the tooth by holding the parts together.

What other things does a crown do?

  • Hold the parts together from cracking or breaking
  • Cover the large filling
  • Cover the dental implant
  • Cover discolored teeth
  • Hold dental bridges in place
  • Restore teeth to natural shape and size
  • Enhance the appearance of teeth

Every treatment serves a different function. Hence, understanding when and why you should get on is vital and critical. That said, we would you to know that our friendly professionals at Baltimore City Dental are ready to give you the right dental care you need.

Why At Glen Burnie Dental Group?

There are many crowns available, and we at Glen Burnie Dental Group employ advanced restorative dentistry to our patients.

The following are the different types of dental crowns:

  • Stainless steel
  • Metals
  • Porcelain-fused to metal
  • Ceramic

To ensure you get the best and safest procedure, you can trust our experts. We know what solution matches a unique dental problem.

We understand when a patient is necessary to receive a Dental Crown treatment. That said, we would you to know that our friendly professionals at Glen Burnie Dental Group are ready to give you the dental care you deserve.

Although crown restoration is the most common dental procedure dentists perform, you need to understand the purpose of getting it and not get intimidated by the process. We want you to follow good oral hygiene practices so we could monitor any wear and tear, and make sure your crown lasts longer.

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