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Teeth Extractions

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Teeth Extractions

At Glen Burnie Dental Group we believe that tooth extraction is one of the last choices to relieve your  mouth pain, and our dentists will do everything to maintain the lifetime of your natural teeth. However, sometimes, when decay extends deeper, a tooth cannot be saved. In our dental practice we have a very well trained dentists who specialize in managing this kind of problems with teeth. We will also talk you through the options for a permanent replacement for missing area.

Simple teeth extraction

Simple tooth extraction is done when we have such conditions as overcrowding or an infection due to a severe decaying of the tooth. If teeth are overcrowded our dentist will perform extractions of unnecessary teeth, recommended by your orthodontist and prepare your mouth for orthodontic treatment.
In case of infection our dentists will treat a tooth with antibiotics and see if there is any chance to save your tooth, but sometimes tooth decay extends to the pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels. Extraction will be the last choice to perform in order to prevent the spread of infection

Surgical teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth will require a surgical extraction. If there is not enough space for wisdom teeth to grow at the back of your mouth, they can become impacted, causing pain, swelling and/or infection, so they may need to be removed.

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